About Our Hay

About Our Hay

We sell premium quality, Arizona Alfalfa hay, certified noxious weed free alfalfa, and a small variety of specialized grasses in season.  Our hay season in Arizona lasts from February until November, average eight or nine cuttings, resulting in freshly cut, green hay throughout most of the year!

Our climate also allows us to have the hay baled and in the barn in just four days, typically without a drop of rain to affect the quality.  Once baled, all hay is stored in our barns or under tarps to protect it from sun and rain.  Our grasses include Bermuda, straw (from durham wheat), and Sudan grass.

Alfalfa Hay

We specialize in growing high quality alfalfa hay, available in large quantity truckloads for discerning horse farms and government agencies.

We sell four grades of weed free Alfalfa hay:

Number One

Our top grade is indeed a select, Arizona Alfalfa hay.

Number Two

This grade is still very good feed nutrionally, and still weed-free, but it is just not good enough to qualify as Number One with our grower.

Cow Hay

Perfectly fine to feed to cows in the pasture and roping steers, but less desirable for horse feed

Certified Alfalfa Hay

For government agencies, institutions or individuals in need of hay with this certification.

See our Alfalfa Sales page and Certified Hay page for more information.

Our phone number for hay sales is 623-640-9292.