Alfalfa Sales

Alfalfa Sales

We sell premium quality, Arizona Alfalfa hay, certified noxious weed free alfalfa, and a small variety of specialized grasses in season.

Number One

Our top grade is indeed a select, Arizona Alfalfa hay.  It is fine stemmed, with plenty of leaf, and of course is weed-free.

Number Two

This grade is still very good feed nutrionally, and still weed-free,  but it is just not good enough to qualify as Number One with our grower.  For example, the alfalfa might have been baled in the middle of the summer, when it is more challenging to control the moisture content.  While it is not the “blue ribbon,” our number two is good feed at a slightly lower price point.

Certified Noxious Weed Free Alfalfa

Rocker 7 Farms is proud to offer Certified Noxious Weed Free to government agencies, institutions or individuals in need of hay with this certification.

Certified Noxious Weed Free Alfala

Cow Hay

This hay might have likely been a victim of the weather, and so it may have been a little dry, or the bales might have been damaged by a thunderstorm before it could be moved to shelter.  It is still perfectly fine to feed to cows in the pasture and roping steers.

Bermuda Grass

This is a summer grass we have grown for many years.   It is rather popular and it is not uncommon for us to run out before the end of winter, so we encourage customers to order in advance to help us anticipate our planting and barn storage accordingly.


Our straw is duram wheat, which makes an excellent straw, and the Arizona climate preserves it well until you are ready for it.   Our wheat is harvested in early June, so we prefer you place reserve orders before then so enough can be baled.  We will be happy to write up your contract for those who will not require delivery until winter.

Sudan Grass

This is a summer grass that we typically grow for our own cattle, and sell some extra to a few local producers.  Sudan grass does make excellent cattle feed.  We rarely retain a lot of inventory, but if you are interested, please ask and we will try to accommodate.

Please note that we do not offer sales by the bale, pickup truck, small trailer, or stack, our availability and pricing is based on wholesale truckloads only.  (Please check with other farms in our area for these services-we encourage you to buy directly from farmers!)

To place an order, call us today.  Our phone number for hay sales is 623-640-9292.

We have several different qualities of hay and different price points for you to choose from, and your price is also influenced by the quantity of your purchase. The farm is located in Buckeye, Arizona, but we ship throughout the U.S. We value our personal contact with you and look forward to precisely meeting your needs.