Why buy from Rocker 7 Farms?

We realize you have quite a few options when it comes to selecting hay. So what are a few things we think set us apart?

Ideal growing conditions
We’ve mentioned before how Arizona offers an excellent environment for producing high quality alfalfa hay, and it’s absolutely true. Since weather conditions are the same for most of the year, we virtually control every aspect of the growing process.

Covered barn storage
Nearly every bale at Rocker 7 Farms is moved right from the field to a covered barn for storage. Occasionally, when the barns are full, it might be temporarily tarped. But for the most part, we offer barn-stored hay year-round.

Wide selection year-round
We don’t just have any hay year-round. With the exception of about three months a year, we have green, freshly cut hay. We try to keep a well-rounded product mix on hand, too, to ensure you get just the right bale you’re looking for, from Number One Alfalfa to Cow Hay to Grasses and Mixes. And you can purchase by the bale, stack or semi load.

Delivery and shipping available
We are happy to offer local deliveries for a fee arranged at the time of purchase. We also ship semi-loads extending beyond the West Valley, including out-of-state customers.

Buy direct from grower
Instead of dealing with a middleman hay broker, you speak directly with the grower. This is our quality assurance plan. If we grow it, harvest it, and sell it, we know exactly what our customers receive.

A tightly knit bunch
Rocker 7 Farms is owned by third generation farmer Brandon Leister, and his wife Katie. Leister Farms, owned by Brandon’s parents Dean and Rayanne and assisted by his brother Justin, helps out with much of the harvesting. After the harvest, we combine efforts for retail and wholesale sales and marketing. So you’re supporting a true family farm operation when you choose Rocker 7 hay.

Pride in our product
Nothing makes us happier than delivering to a customer exactly what they wanted. We take great pride in growing, harvesting and selling high quality hay, and often take extra effort to produce only the best.


    • Katie says

      Thanks for visiting us, JC Ranch! For current prices and availability, please call Brandon at 623.640.9292.

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