Why Arizona hay?

Rocker 7 Farms is proud to service customers across Texas and Louisiana, all of whom have access to hay with a much lower cost of freight.

So why are they choosing Arizona hay?

Of course, it all comes down to personal preference, but we have a few ideas on why these customers and many more are looking to Arizona to fill their need for high quality hay.

First, hay season in Arizona can last from February until November, averaging eight to nine cuttings each year. This means freshly cut, green hay is available almost year-round, with the exception of a few winter months.

Second, our hay only sits in the field three days after cutting. The desert climate is perfect for timely hay harvesting, ensuring we put green bales in the barn. Throughout the summer, hay is cut on day zero, raked on day three, baled the night of day three or early morning of day four, and in the barn on day four. So aside from the occasional summer monsoon hitting a cutting, most Arizona hay is typically rain free, eliminating concerns about mold and nutritional damage.

Third, all hay (at Rocker 7 Farms, anyway) is stored in covered barns, so once it’s in the bale, it’s safe from any weather concerns.

Fourth, in the long run, you save money feeding our three-string 100 pound bales, compared to the two-wire bales grown elsewhere.

Maybe the question should be “Why NOT Arizona hay?”


  1. says

    Looking for good source of alfalfa hay. Consume about 400 bales per year and another 400 of bermuda and about 100 bales of straw. Can only store 100/200 bales at a time. Need pricing with delivery on alfalfa to Louisiana (70437) or could possibly do a mix load of alfafa, straw and bermuda.


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