Rocker 7 Farms

haybaleAlfalfa and grass hay

Whether you’re feeding a favorite horse, dairy cows, or supplementing cattle in the pasture, we’ve got something to suit your fancy in our barn. From the prime Number One grade alfalfa, first cutting to last, Certified Noxious Weed Free alfalfa, Bermuda, mixes and even cow hay, there’s quite a selection. We also offer wheat and barley straw, and save a bit of these grains each year for retail sales.

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Basic questions about our hay sales? The most common ones are addressed here.

WheatDurum Wheat
A popular crop in our part of the world, wheat is often added to a rotation that might include cotton or an alfalfa stand. It’s not the same as red wheat grown in the Midwest. The dry, desert climate is suited perfectly for growing this particular type of wheat, used to make pasta.

Another small grain winter crop, harvested in early summer. It is usually contracted to a local dairy or grain company, but we always save some back for retail sales as well.

Upland Cotton
Cotton is an integral part of our crop rotation, growing here from roughly March/April to November/December. We are members of CALCOT, a cotton marketing cooperative, which helps market our cotton on the world market.

We usually add in a summer crop of sorghum silage, grown for the local dairy market.

Sudan Grass
Looking for a high-protein feed to get cattle through the winter? We’ve been growing this short summer crop for several years now to produce winter cattle feed for Rocker 7 Ranches, and a few other local cattle producers.

The summer of 2009 brought our first crop of sunflowers. Although they took quite a bit of hard work, they seem to have tempered the desert climate fairly well. We’re planning to add two crops of sunflowers to our 2010 rotation; one in the spring, and another in the fall. This year, we’ll be growing them as part of the farm experience at Rocker 7 Farm Patch, opening October 2014!