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IMG_3452Brandon was raised on his family farm in Buckeye, AZ, and grew his first cotton crop at age 15. He has always known he wanted to operate a business in production agriculture. Not sure where to start, he headed off to the University of Arizona, where he received a B.S. in Agricultural and Resource Economics. While there, he served as the Arizona FFA State President and was a member of the livestock judging team. He wasn’t ready to leave U of A quite yet, so he completed a Master’s degree in Agricultural Education, then taught agriculture at Buckeye Union High School for two years. When he’s not irrigating crops, Brandon likes to escape to the Arizona mountains in search of coues deer and elk, take the boat out for a fishing trip, or read sale reports from the local livestock auction.

Brandon had the opportunity to attend Texas A&M University for another Master’s degree in 2006. He is very glad he jumped on this opportunity, because it’s how he met Katie. The first day of graduate school, they were assigned seats next to each other in the back row of Managerial Economics in Agribusiness.

Katie is a rural Southeast Texas girl, who grew up raising a few Brahman show cows, wading through creeks and running through her grandpa’s hay pasture. Her family’s agricultural interests were more of the hobby type, but they do have roots in the farming and dairy industries. She enjoys drinking coffee on the front porch swing, accompanying Brandon on hunting trips and writing.

Just more than one year after that first day of class, Brandon convinced Katie to marry him and join his farming adventure in Arizona. They both completed coursework in their respective graduate programs, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, in December 2007. Rocker 7 Farms planted its first wheat crop that same month, which was harvested days after Brandon and Katie were married in June 2008.

Leyton_One_Year_Arizona-59Brandon and Katie are currently in their seventh year owning and operating Rocker 7 Farms, and proudly welcomed their first little farmhand (daughter), Leyton Dean Leister on February 2, 2013. Life is much busier on the farm these days, but couldn’t be better.

Leyton Leister is a fifth generation Arizona agriculturalist, currently being raised in the midst of hay bales, irrigation waters, livestock and crops. It is such a blessing to pass along the family farm heritage to a new generation.

What does Rocker 7 Farms do?

  • Grows and markets retail hay, mostly to feed stores and large equine operations
  • Supplies durum wheat for the pasta in your favorite Italian dish
  • Raises sunflowers
  • Produces sorghum silage for local dairies
  • Grows the occasional summer crop of sudan grass for cattle feed

What does Rocker 7 Ranches do?

  • Raises show steers for local youth
  • Provides AI breeding services for other local cattle operations
  • Keeps a few Brahman cattle in the front pasture, just because Brandon and Katie like them
  • Periodically sells some breeding cattle, like purebred Brahman bulls and club calf producing bulls and females

Short Story
Educated farmer from Buckeye, Arizona, meets Texas girl and whisks her away to the desert to help him start a farm. Together, they are growing alfalfa, wheat, sorghum and sunflowers in the Valley of the Sun. They also own Rocker 7 Ranches, raising show cattle for local youth. Their newest venture is Rocker 7 Farm Patch, a fun, family farm experience.

Their specialty is growing and marketing high quality Arizona alfalfa hay. Interested? Visit, call or email.