Off to a good start…

The 2010 hay harvest is in full swing around here, so we thought we would give you a little glimpse of what’s been going on at Rocker 7 Farms to get our first few cuttings for the season under our belt.

We have all our fields in a rotation, which means once we start cutting, we don’t stop for about a week (as long as the weather cooperates).

First, we take the swather out to the field to cut some fresh, green alfalfa.

Cutting hay at Rocker 7 Farms

A couple days later, we bring out the rakes to “fluff” the hay and rake it all into “wind rows” to prepare for baling.

Hay rakes

Brandon's brother, Justin, on his rakes

Wind rows

The wind rows left behind by the rakes

The very next morning, we bale it all up.

Hay bales

And lastly, we use the roadsider to pick up all the bales and put into stacks. We usually move the stacks into the barn with the retriever truck, to be stored until they’re loaded onto a truck. We typically have eight or nine cuttings on each field throughout the season. It’s enough to keep us busy, that’s for sure!

Hay stack

Stay tuned through the summer for more Rocker 7 updates…

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