Hay pricing and availability

I’m sure you’re wondering why we don’t just have a price list for our current hay selection available online.

Believe it or not, we have a really great reason:  We value human interaction.

While at the simplistic level we do just enjoy actually talking to folks we are going to do business with, it also helps ensure we deliver the forage product you desire.

You see, if there’s anything we’ve learned in our years of selling high quality alfalfa hay, it’s that everyone has their own definition of “high quality”. So, we really like to have a conversation with you to find out exactly what you’re looking for in terms of stem size, leaf retention, color and moisture. All of those factors affect the price point of any given load of hay, so we can work together to determine which quality factors are most important to you, while allowing you to stay within your particular budget.

Once we know the hay type and price point you prefer, we can let you know what we may have available. Why can’t we at least list availability of certain hay types, you ask? Well, it changes – daily. From mid-February through early November, we are baling hay nearly every single night, with different weather conditions each night. Then, each morning, some hay is shipped to local dairies, some is shipped to current customers, some is stored in the barn for winter months, and some is reserved for new hay sales. There is just literally no feasible way to update availability online each night and day.

So, we really hope you don’t mind giving us an old-fashioned phone call for alfalfa hay pricing and availability. We ensure you it’s the best way to meet your forage needs.

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